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Have You Been Injured on the Job?

Report your injury immediately to your supervisor, that day or the next day. Even if the injury is minor, make sure you report it. If you wait any length of time, the insurance carrier may question whether your injury actually happened at work.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

Even in an accepted case, there are a great many problems that can and do arise, from wage replacement benefits not being paid to jobs being lost.



“My experience with Moses Law Firm was wonderful. If you’re having issues with with an injury from work and with Workers Comp, please look no further. Brenda isn’t just another attorney. She’s an attorney that actually cares about her clients and their rights. Give her a call if you’re needing help!!”

-Donnie Cleary

“The fist time I was injured at work I contacted this firm and had a meeting the next day, Brenda read over my paperwork and listened to what I had to say. The next thing that happened was the best thing I could have done choose this firm, they have went far and beyond to get everything they could for me and my family. If you are ever hurt on the job PLEASE call this firm. Thank y'all for the hard work you put in for my case”

-Travis Robinson

“The best workers comp attorney in the business period! Worked tirelessly for myself and family. If you need an attorney , please give The Moses law firm a call! Brenda and Jody are a pleaure to deal with!”

-Robert Williams

“Brenda Moses has really earned our respect. With her knowledge of how Compensation Law works, she was able to help me receive the settlement that I deserved for the injury that I experienced on the job. Without her help, I would have timed out my coverage period and would have received no compensation for an injury that has changed my ability to perform certain tasks, forever. Don't try to do it on your own. See the experts. Call Brenda and Jodi today. They will go the extra mile to help you. Thank-you both!”

-Keith & Karen Jones

“Brenda & Jodi were very helpful in a stressful situation and were very helpful to put a end to a long drawn out ordeal.They both were very friendly and pleasant to deal with and offered excellent legal advice. I would highly recommend The Moses Law Firm to anybody who needs help with a workers compensation case. I wish I had found her much sooner than I did.”

-Donna Whitt

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